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Unformatted text preview: on the address bar at the top of your Internet browser window. Be sure to type the information in a URL carefully so your browser knows where to go. 12. World Wide Web (www). The complete set of electronic documents connected over the Internet. Informally, the terms Internet, the Web, and online are used interchangeably. Which term do you and your friends use most often? When you’re wandering around the World Wide Web, you can be described as surfing the Web or browsing the Internet. 180 build word power in all subject areas P R AC T I C E 1 : M ATC H I N G T H E C O M P U T E R WO R D W I T H ITS DEFINITION Draw lines to match each computer word with its definition. Computer Word 1. copyright law 2. browser 3. search engine 4. ISP 5. icon 6. spam 7. URL 8. streaming 9. domain name 10. social networking Definition a. websites for making friends b. continuous flow of material over the Internet c. the exclusive ownership of material by an author d. online address e. software that looks up websites f. the system for finding Web pages g. program for accessing Web pages h. unwanted emails i. service that provides Internet access j. image that represe...
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