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Unformatted text preview: ing that repeats the same idea several times. In order to meet the requirement of 300 words, Jane filled her essay with many redundant sentences that added no new ideas to her topic. 9. rhetorical question. A question asked with no expectation of a reply. The teacher asked us, rhetorically, if we thought we should have more homework. 10. simile. A statement using the words like or as to compare two dissimilar things. The valentine he sent me said Your face is like a rose. Similes are often confused with metaphors, which compare without using the words like and as. For example, a valentine might say, You are my special rose. 11. superfluous. Something that’s unnecessary, or more than enough or required. Reminding us to do our best on the final test is a superfluous bit of advice from our teacher. 12. verbiage. An overabundance of words in writing or speech. The doctor’s verbiage confused me, but my mother was able to figure out what he meant. P R AC T I C E 1 : M ATC H WO R D S A B O U T WO R D S W I T H THEIR MEANING Draw lines to...
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