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Unformatted text preview: C K Y A D J E C T I V E S A N D A DV E R B S TO P E R K U P YO U R W R I T I N G Directions: Write six sentences using the tricky adjectives and adverbs you learned in this lesson. You may use more than one adverb or adjective in each sentence if you like. Each sentence must include at least one of these words: bad, badly, good, well, real, really 1. ________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________________________________ Lesson 13 Words You Should Now Know bad/badly energetically enthusiastically experimentally expertly extremely frantically good/well incorporate real/really sadly successfully suddenly swiftly thoughtfully vigorously 106 use different parts of speech Extra Word(s) You Learned in...
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