2 using smiley faces and other emoticons has become

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Unformatted text preview: son’s age and rank, or standing in society. For example: “Senator Smith, may I present my friend Pat Reid.” 7. manners. The socially acceptable way of acting. “There’s really no substitute for good manners,” commented Ms. Prim, our homeroom teacher. 8. netiquette. The rules of etiquette, or good manners, that have come to be acceptable during Internet (“net”) communication. It’s considered bad netiquette to write emails or post on blogs using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. 9. place cards. Small cards placed on formal dining tables to designate where each guest should sit. Place cards are most commonly used at formal events, but they can be very useful for separating screaming children or warring cousins at family holiday gatherings! 10. respect. In every society, respect for others, particularly for the elders of the community, forms the basis for all social customs and rules. Our grandparents always sit at the head of the table, with the grandchildren spread out around them; it’s our way of showing respect for our grandparents. 11. RSVP. The initials of a Frenc...
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