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Unformatted text preview: nts? Are you a member of a blended family? Have you ever been to a family reunion? At first glance, we often assume that we know the meaning of a word. For instance, the meaning of the word family seems pretty straightforward. But if you hesitated before answering any of the questions above, you know that defining a simple word like family isn’t easy! Don’t most people assume that a family is the people we live with? But what about grandparents, who usually don’t live with us? And what about cousins, who may live across the country or even on another continent? And what about distant relatives we’ve never met but whose connection to us can be traced by bloodlines? And what if we’re the children of divorced and remarried parents? Suddenly, definitions are not so simple. 146 build word power in all subject areas Anthropologists have devoted decades to studying various cultures and the many ways they define family relationships. For example, in China, there are different words for older brother and younger brother. But in traditional Hawaiian families, there are only two categories: parent and child. Thus, a child refers to a...
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