3 wondering what to do ethan scraped the soulssoles of

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Unformatted text preview: nym, you’ll need to pay particular attention to acquiring new words. Your vocabulary may be weak and in need of some strengthening. 3. Using the Right Homonym: Is That Word Spelled Correctly? Homonyms are words that are pronounced the same way but have entirely different meanings. Circle the correct word in each sentence. Time: one minute. 1. Ethan dropped his subway token down the street (great/grate) and suddenly had no way to get home. 2. His day at the (beech/beach) had been loads of fun, but now he was really stuck. 3. Wondering what to do, Ethan scraped the (souls/soles) of his flipflops along the curb nervously, waiting for inspiration to strike. 4. If he remained (stationery/stationary) and kept hoping, then maybe a friend would come along and lend him an extra token. 5. On the other hand, if he continued to (waist/waste) time standing still, he’d be in big trouble once he finally got home. A Similar Word why work on your vocabulary? 19 If you found these questions easy to answer, you’re probably a fairly good spell...
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