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Unformatted text preview: e chocolate every single day. Janet snacks on some chocolate every single day. Janet devours some chocolate every single day. (devour means to eat quickly, with great hunger) The basic fact in these three sentences is the same, but the information and emotion communicated changes dramatically with the simple change of the verb. Do you think the word devour carries a positive or a negative connotation? Does the writer approve of Janet’s chocolate obsession? You probably can’t answer these questions without more context in additional sentences; the word devour could be an implied criticism or just an amusing way to describe Janet’s chocolate habit. What you can definitely be sure of is that having a broad vocabulary gives you the word power to choose strong, colorful, and precise verbs to convey the exact connotation you seek. S O M E V E R SAT I L E V E R B S F O R YO U TO L E A R N This lesson provides 12 very useful verbs to add to your vocabulary, along with short definitions and sample sentences that illustrate their meanings. Re...
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