3 etiquette the unwritten rules of socially

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Unformatted text preview: the current social conditions— there was no citywide garbage service in those days—and suggested the proper manner for gallant men to protect the ladies. In seventeenth-century France, a country associated with elegance and fine taste, it was still considered perfectly acceptable, even at the royal court, to eat with the hands. In our society, eating with your hands is universally unacceptable, except when eating certain finger foods, such as French fries or chips and dips. However, in many cultures of the Middle East and Africa, eating with the hands is still considered perfectly acceptable behavior. Likewise, 154 build word power in all subject areas in China, it’s considered bad manners to give someone a clock; such a gift could be interpreted to mean that the gift-giver was starting a countdown to the recipient’s death. And yet in frontier America, to have a clock was a sign of culture and good manners, and to this day clocks are considered an appropriate wedding gift. Knowing the r...
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