4 the animal rights group held a town in order to

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Unformatted text preview: . legislate. To pass laws or modify existing laws. Women in the United States struggled for decades until finally, in 1920, the federal government passed legislation that gave all women the right to vote. 11. mediate. To resolve differences or to bring about a settlement between conflicting parties. The committee chair often had to mediate between warring groups who refused to modify their opinions. 12. protocol. The customs, regulations, and etiquette that govern a particular situation; or a document or treaty between states. The proper protocol when being introduced to royalty is to bow or curtsy; when meeting elected officials, one waits for the official to extend his or her hand. P R AC T I C E 1 : C H E C K I N G YO U R K N OW L E D G E O F P O L I T I C A L WO R D S Circle the correct meaning for the italicized word in each sentence. 1. Hierarchy means a. an order of rank. b. a group of politicians. c. a committee decision. 2. Federal is a term for a. a vote by the people. b. a central governing body. c. a savings bank. 3. To facilitate is to a. vote in an election. b. make something happen. c. be elected to office. 174 build word power i...
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