56 tools for building word power thirty days has

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Unformatted text preview: HLEIGH BRILLIANT (1933– AMERICAN AUTHOR AND CARTOONIST This lesson gives you a break from learning new words. Instead, you’ll find entertaining and helpful ways to remember words you already know, used to know, or wish you knew better! HAVE YOU EVER had this experience: You learn a word, its definition, and how to spell it, but a day or a week later, you can’t remember part or all of it? Sometimes the spelling stumps you, or the exact definition, or how the word fits into a common grouping. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Many people forget them, so useful memory tricks have developed to be passed on from learner to learner. These memory aids are called mnemonics, an English word from the Greek mnemonikós, which refers to the mind. To pronounce this word, ignore the beginning m and say it this way: nih-MONN-icks. There are several kinds of mnemonics, many of which use rhyme. Following is the mnemonic for remembering how many days there are in each month. You probably already know this one. Research shows that people find it...
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