7 robbing a is no less a crime than robbing a bank

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Unformatted text preview: a a. intervention to bring settlement b. decreasing of punishment; forgiveness c. one who settles controversies d. forgiveness, compassion e. signed testimony by someone absent f. vote by all parties concerned g. inexpensive overnight lodging h. person who speaks in support of an idea i. a plan of action of an organization j. state of calm, without disturbance k. choice between two unpleasant options l. safety from punishment or prosecution P R AC T I C E 3 : I D E N T I F Y I N G T H E R I G H T N E W N O U N S Directions: Fill in the blanks with words you’ve learned in this lesson, using the list in the preceding exercise as your inventory of possible nouns. 1. Some __________ was necessary in the committee room if the meeting was ever to end. 2. Congressman Jenkins, the committee chairman and the final __________, broke the tie vote and ended the heated argument. 3. The ideal political candidate has clearly presented __________ positions on most current issues. 4. The medical examiner, who was in the hospital and therefore could not attend the trial, sent in his written __________. discover new nouns 85 5. After one of the jurors started crying, the judge called for a recess...
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