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Unformatted text preview: u’re is a contraction of you are weather/whether who/whom your/you’re TIP: The only sure way to know the definitions and differences between confusing words is to memorize them. So pay close attention to the chart above and do the exercises carefully. They’ll help you learn the words permanently, so you can use them easily and correctly. P R AC T I C E 1 : I D E N T I F Y I N G T H E C O R R E C T I F C O N F U S I N G WO R D Circle the correct word in each sentence. The answers at the end of the lesson include definitions for both word choices. 1. The students were convinced their teacher was (persecuting/prosecuting) them with way too much homework. 2. One of the assignments was to create a (bibliography/biography) of all the books the students had read during the school year. 3. The teacher’s goal was to help the students (adopt/adapt) good study habits. 4. The students, on the other hand, had a (duel/dual) objective: they wanted less homework and longer summer vacations. 74 too...
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