7 to reconcile means to a reestablish a relationship

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Unformatted text preview: made to feel nervous) by prefixes and suffixes. Recognizing them can often help you figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word and they build your word power when you use them to expand or modify words you already know. P R AC T I C E : F I G U R I N G O U T N E W WO R D S F R O M P R E F I X A N D SUFFIX CLUES Circle the correct meaning for the italicized word in each sentence. 1. Antecedent means a. fighting against. b. looking after c. coming before. d. recent. 46 tools for building word power 2. Multifaceted means a. two-faced. b. many-sided. c. cut into parts. d. chaotic. 3. Consensus means a. an individual’s opinion. b. a counting of individuals. c. separate and dissimilar. d. general agreement by a group. 4. Dubious means a. one who doubts. b. to question. c. doubtful, questionable. d. to be uncertain. 5. Agrarian means a. incapable of making a decision. b. to cultivate. c. to be out of date. d. relating to the land or land ownership. 6. Metamorphosis means a. to transform. b. one who has changed. c. a transformation. d. capable of change....
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