7 inherent a natural part of something that cannot be

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Unformatted text preview: cceptable, but not very interesting, adjective difficult to describe the test. Similarly, using the word demanding says a lot more about the teacher than simply calling him or her tough or hard. pick the best adjectives 89 S O M E U S E F U L A D J E C T I V E S F O R YO U TO L E A R N This lesson includes 12 very expressive and useful adjectives, along with short definitions and sample sentences to illustrate their meanings. Read this list slowly and carefully to be sure you understand the words. If you can, think of a mnemonic to help you remember each meaning. Try to quickly come up with a sentence that includes that word. 1. adjacent. Next to. Our school is adjacent to a skate park where we spend afternoons. 2. concurrent. Happening at the same time. My two favorite television shows are concurrent, so I have to TiVo one or the other every week. 3. eclectic. Selected from a variety of sources. Our team consists of an eclectic mix of talented and totally untalented players. 4. empirical. Based on experience or observation rather than on ideas or beliefs. Weathermen use the emp...
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