7 ophthalmologist a specialist who cares for the eye

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Unformatted text preview: aned, and still another if you wear eyeglasses. There are some general words that are used more or less interchangeably to describe doctors. For example, most doctors are known as physicians and are addressed as Doctor. Physicians who perform surgery are called surgeons. 140 build word power in all subject areas Here’s a list of doctors you may or may not need in your lifetime, but whose specializations add word power to your vocabulary. WO R D S T H AT D E S C R I B E D I F F E R E N T M E D I C A L S P E C I A L I S T S 1. audiologist. A spet in the study and treatment of hearing, especially hearing defects. Jim accompanied his grandmother to the audiologist’s office so that she would have company when she got her new hearing aid. 2. dermatologist. A spet in the branch of medicine dealing with skin and its diseases. Jenny rushed to the dermatologist for help in treating her poison ivy rash. 3. internist. A spet in the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases, especially of adults. Mr. Dodson invited his i...
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