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Unformatted text preview: ls for building word power 5. The teacher promised that the in-class essay she assigned would have no (affect/effect) on the students’ final grades. 6. In an attempt to convince the teacher to change the assignment, the students argued that they had (all ready/already) done enough in-class writing for the week. 7. The teacher smiled and told the students to take a deep (breath/breathe) and begin their writing assignment. 8. The students decided to stop resisting the inevitable and start getting down to work on their (personal/personnel) essays. 9. (Whether/Weather) or not the students’ essays were neatly written and legible, the teacher planned to read them carefully and comment on them. 10. The (stationary/stationery) desks where the students sat suddenly fell silent when the essay writing finally began. P R AC T I C E 2 : M ATC H I N G C O N F U S I N G WO R D S W I T H THEIR DEFINITIONS Draw lines to match each confusing word with its definition. Confusing Word 1. adapt 2. except 3. p...
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