A prex is the a syllable at the beginning of a word b

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Unformatted text preview: of something. b. list of contents in a book. c. index at the back of a book. d. best way to complete a sentence. 3. When you call something explicit, you mean it a. is very complicated. b. is very simple. c. is clearly stated. d. cannot be easily understood. 4. The root of a word is the a. ending of a word. b. main part of a word. c. beginning of a word. d. origin of a word. 5. A prefix is the a. syllable at the beginning of a word. b. syllable at the end of a word. c. place where a word begins. d. idea that is the word’s starting point. 6. The word stationery describes a. something that doesn’t move. b. a statue in a public park. c. writing paper and envelopes. d. a service place, such as a gas station. 7. The word dessert describes a. a dry landscape with cactus and no grass. b. the tropical part of a jungle. c. the ending of a story. d. the sweet part served at the end of a meal. pretest 7 8. The word duel describes a. something that is double. b. having two or more of an item. c. a formal fight betw...
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