A statement using the words like or as to compare two

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Unformatted text preview: earning of all these specialized fields, along with the study of literature and poetry, has resulted in a long list of words about words. You’ll learn some of them here, and you’ll probably be surprised by how precisely they describe other words and how words are used. You’ll also notice that many describe the ways in which you yourself speak and write. 206 build word power in special ways TIP: Check your own speech and writing for some of the words in this lesson. For example, do you use superfluous words, clichés, circumlocutions, or non sequiturs? WO R D S A B O U T WO R D S 1. ambiguous. A vague, unclear, or indefinite word, expression, sentence, or meaning. Our teacher’s instructions about how to write our essays were quite ambiguous, which confused us all. 2. analogy. A comparison between two things that suggests that they show a similarity in at least some aspects. Many people draw an analogy between how our brains work and how computers function. 3. circumlocution. A roundabout or indirect way of speaking; the use...
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