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Unformatted text preview: lar to tests that your teachers may have given in the classroom. The following pages include valuable tips for combating test anxiety— that sinking or blank feeling some people feel as they begin a test or encounter a difficult question. You’ll discover how to use your time wisely and how to avoid errors when you’re taking a test. Also, you will find a plan for preparing for the test and for the test day. Once you have these tips down, you’re ready to approach any exam head-on! 226 hints for taking standardized tests C O M BAT I N G T E S T A N X I E T Y Ta ke t h e Te s t O n e Q u e s t i o n a t a T i m e Focus all your attention on the question you’re answering. Block out any thoughts about questions you’ve already read or concerns about what’s coming next. Concentrate your thinking where it will do the most good—on the present question. I f Yo u L o s e Yo u r C o n c e n t ra t i o n Don’t worry about it! It’s normal. During a long test, it happens to everyone. When your mind is stressed, it takes a break wh...
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