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Unformatted text preview: r software on a personal computer to design and produce publications. Our student newspaper now looks like a real paper because we use a desktop publishing program. 4. domain name. An Internet address owned by a person or organization to identify the location of its Web pages. Domain suffixes indicate the type of material on the pages: .com for commercial enterprises; .org for nonprofit organizations; .gov for government websites; .edu for educational institutions. What’s the domain name of your school? The website you visit most often? 5. icon. A picture or image that represents something. On a computer, an icon is a picture or symbol for a command, program, or function. The use of icons to represent words and ideas allows users who speak different languages to understand the same information. words about computers 179 6. ISP (Internet service provider). A company or organization that provides access to the Internet, usually for a fee. Service, as electronic signals, may come from a phone compa...
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