Because of budget cuts at the company my mothers job

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Unformatted text preview: l performance) TIP: Listen and read carefully. When you catch a euphemism being used, try to translate it into the reality it’s seeking to mask. P R AC T I C E : U N M A S K I N G E U P H E M I S M S Rewrite the following sentences, replacing the italicized euphemism with more direct language. Briefly explain why you think the euphemism was used. 1. Because of budget cuts at the company, my mother’s job was terminated without prejudice. ________________________________________________________________ 2. Sadly, the neighborhood where we used to live is now said to be in transition. ________________________________________________________________ 3. To her great embarrassment, Eileen’s mother called her pleasingly plump. ________________________________________________________________ words that really mean something else 195 4. Moe’s Pre-Owned Vehicles was the newest business in town, and apparently it was extremely successful in these hard financial times. ________________________________________________________________ 5. Every Tuesday night we put out o...
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