Being that i love animals im planning to become a vet

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Unformatted text preview: ord pairs—they sound similar but mean different things. How can you avoid being confused? Find out here. 2. Abused words. Because it has inherited words from dozens of other languages, English is probably the richest language in the world. So why do we keep on using the same old words over and over again? Here you’ll find out which words you probably use way too often. 200 build word power in special ways WO R D S T H AT C O N F U S E Following is a list of some word pairs that are frequently confused. Pay close attention to the sample sentences in which they’re used. Seeing a word used properly can help you acquire it for your own vocabulary. 1. adopt. To accept as one’s own. adapt. To adjust to or become accustomed to; to modify. My family decided to adopt a puppy to be a companion to our old dog. The puppy adapted to our family very easily; she loved all the other animals. 2. all together. A group of things or persons gathered together. altogether. Entirely, completely. Our pets, all together, resemble a very zany zoo....
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