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Unformatted text preview: to events. b. synonyms for other words. c. substitutions of milder words for unpleasant ones. d. formal birth announcements. 26. The meaning of copyright is that a. anyone is free to copy material they see in print. b. no one is free to copy material they see in print. c. everything on the Internet is free to use. d. the author alone may grant the right to copy material. 27. To implement a plan is a. to investigate solutions to a problem. b. to find the answer to a problem. c. to put the plan in action. d. to change the steps to be taken in the plan. 28. A caucus is a. a new idea introduced to a process. b. a complicated solution to a problem. c. a meeting in support of a particular interest. d. a new set of ideas or beliefs. 29. A feminist is a. a very intelligent woman. b. a professional woman in a corporation. c. a person who believes in equal rights for women. d. a female anthropologist. 30. Someone who is sadistic a. likes to tease and tell jokes. b. is a grieving person. c. is a person who often misrepres...
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