Denotation sentence makes an unclear statement what

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Unformatted text preview: dequate, and drastically. 2. The reviews of the movie The Wizard of Oz varied, but the audiences liked the movie. The movie reviewers were ambiguous in their comments about The Wizard of Oz, but the audiences loved the movie unanimously. Denotation: Interesting but unexplained report that reviews of movie varied. New Connotation: Sentence explains how popular movie was with audiences even though reviewers weren’t clear about what they thought. create meaning from connotations 41 3. Speaking after a coughing fit is hard. Speaking coherently after a coughing fit is often more than a cold sufferer can manage. Denotation: Sentence states a fact, but that’s all. No new information is provided. New Connotation: Sentence communicates what it is like to have a bad cold and cough. 4. Cutting school can affect your future. The consequences of cutting school repeatedly can have negative repercussions throughout your life. Denotation: Sentence makes an unclear statement what the effect of cutting school will be. New Connotation: Sentence is somewhat clearer by saying effect is negative for a long time. 5. The newspaper reporter was accused of favoring one candi...
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