Docile means willing to obey or easily managed 10 b

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Unformatted text preview: o rd s f ro m P re f i x a n d Suffix Clues 1. c. The prefix ante- means before. Antecedent means that which precedes, or comes before. 2. b. The prefix multi- means many. Multifaceted means having many faces, being complex. 3. a. The prefix con- means with, together. Consensus means general agreement reached by a group. 4. c. The suffix -ous means having the quality of. Dubious means doubtful, questionable. 5. d. The suffix -ian means one who is or does. Agrarian means relating to or concerning land and its ownership. 6. c. The suffix -sis means the process of. Metamorphosis means a transformation, a change of form or function. 7. a. The prefix re- means back, again. To reconcile means to reestablish a close relationship, to bring back to harmony. 8. a. The prefix sub- means under, beneath. As an adjective subordinate means of a lower or inferior rank, or subject to the authority of others. As a noun, it means one that is subordinate to another. As a verb, it means to put in a lower or inferior rank, or to subdu...
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