For example the adjective equal becomes a noun

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Unformatted text preview: Prefixes help you determine the meaning of a word through context. • Prefixes help you figure out the meaning of a word by the meaning of the prefix. S o m e C o m m o n P re f i xe s i n Wo rd s Yo u P ro b a b l y A l re a d y K n ow Here are some prefixes you probably use all the time, with examples of how they work. anti, ant: opposite, against. Think of antibiotics and antiwar. circ, circum: around, on all sides. Think of circumference. co, com, con: with, together. Think of cooperate and connect. dis: away from, reversal, not. Think of dismiss and disrespect. mis: bad, wrong, opposite. Think of misbehave or misspell. multi: many, multiple. Think of multimedia and multiplication. pre: before. Think of precaution, prevent, and predict. re: back, again. Think of replace, recall, and rewind. super: above, over. Think of superintendent and superior. understanding word parts 45 SUFFIXES Suffixes may not be as easy to use to figure out the meaning of words. Suffixes most often just c...
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