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Unformatted text preview: u are crossing out. Cross out incorrect choices on the test booklet itself. If you don’t cross out an incorrect answer, you may still think it is a possible answer. Crossing out any incorrect answers makes it easier to identify the right answer: There will be fewer places where it can hide! AVO I D I N G E R R O R S When you take a test, you want to make as few errors as possible in the questions you answer. Following are a few tactics to keep in mind. 228 hints for taking standardized tests C o n t ro l Yo u rs e l f If you feel rushed or worried, stop for a few seconds. Acknowledging the feeling (Hmmm! I’m feeling a little pressure here!), take a few deep breaths, and send yourself a few positive messages (I am prepared for this test, and I will do well!). D i re c t i o n s In many standardized testing situations, specific instructions are given and you must follow them as best as you can. Be sure you understand what is expected. If you don’t, ask. Listen carefully for instructions about how to answer the questions and make certain you know how much time you have to complete the task. If you miss any important information about the rules of taking the test, ask for it. I f Yo u F i n i s h E a r l y Use any time you have left at the end of the test or test section to check your work. First, make sure you’ve put the right answers in the right places. After you’ve checked for errors, take a second look at the more difficult questions. If you have a good re...
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