H ow t h i s b o o k w i l l i n c r e a s e yo u r

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Unformatted text preview: , you’ll have added several new words to your vocabulary by the end of the month! Time to get started. Today is the first day of your vocabulary power-up. You’ll find that building word muscle isn’t such hard work—and it can actually be lots of fun! H OW T H I S B O O K W I L L I N C R E A S E YO U R WO R D P OW E R Think of this book as a vocabulary savings bank: with each lesson, you add to your word power and get richer. And as you do this, you earn interest on your investment for the future. Once you learn a word, you almost never forget it. It gets filed in your word bank account—your brain—and is available for you to use the rest of your life! The book is divided into four sections designed to build word power in various ways. Each of the 30 lessons focuses on a specific vocabulary skill or family of words. Section 1: Tools for Building Word Power. In these first nine lessons, you’ll review word roots and common prefixes and suffixes (word beginnings and endings), and gain tricks and techni...
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