How many people are in your family did you include

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Unformatted text preview: or it. Body Problem 1. blurry vision 2. crooked teeth 3. tetanus shot 4. pregnant mother 5. hearing loss 6. skin rash 7. baby with measles 8. ingrown toenail 9. continuing stomach pain 10. fear of cancer Physician Who Cares for It a. pediatrician b. podiatrist c. audiologist d. internist e. oncologist f. obstetrician g. nurse practitioner h. orthodontist i. dermatologist j. optometrist 142 build word power in all subject areas P R AC T I C E 2 : M E D I C A L C R O S S WO R D P U Z Z L E 1 2 3 4 5 Across 2 doctor who delivers babies 3 doctor who fixes crooked teeth 4 doctor who treats children 5 doctor who provides hearing aids Word Bank audiologist dermatologist obstetrician Down 1 doctor who treats skin problems 4 doctor who treats foot problems orthodontist pediatrician podiatrist you may see the doctor now 143 Lesson 19 Words You Should Now Know audiologist dermatologist internist nurse practitioner obstetrician oncologist ophthalmologist optometrist orthodontist osteopath pediatrician podiatrist Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Less...
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