Here are some important reasons to increase your word

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Unformatted text preview: te your word power strengths and weaknesses. VOCABULARY LISTS? UGH. Word tests? Double ugh. Spelling tests? Triple, triple ugh. Sound familiar? Many people have uttered those ughs, silently or out loud—and probably more than once. At first glance, studying words and their meanings (and their correct spellings) may not appear to be a fun activity, but few areas of study can bring you more rewards in the long run. Here are some important reasons to increase your word power. 1. You’ll do better on tests—and not just vocabulary tests. Knowing more words is the key to showing your teachers that you’ve been reading your assignments and absorbing the ideas you’re taught. You’ll have an impressive inventory of words to choose from when answering questions. 2. Your thought process will improve. One problem you might have run into when writing an essay is that it requires a certain word count, but you can’t think of enough to write about! When 16 tools for building word power your vocabulary knowledge increases, you can describe your ideas, feelings, opinions, and facts more precisely because you...
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