Here are the correct usages real always an adjective

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Unformatted text preview: shouting angrily carefully shredding papers smiling graciously write easily gratefully count your blessings run quickly As the examples show, adverbs add flavor and punch to verbs. In fact, adverbs can be thought of as fuel to makes verb engines work better. Using adverbs to dress up and clarify your communications is a great way to increase your word power. 102 use different parts of speech TIP: Learning how adverbs work may seem like just another grammar lesson, but don’t be turned off. Knowing adverbs and how they work will help you build word power, which is why you’re using this book, right? A DV E R B S AT WO R K Adverbs provide information about how, when, where, and to what extent something is happening in a sentence. Some adverbs function as intensifiers, modifying adjectives or other adverbs to add intensity, or strength, to the words. Here are some examples: We almost won the game. He nearly ate the whole thing. She always arrives promptly. Many adverbs are formed by adding...
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