I sold my old bike and bought a new cooler one on

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Unformatted text preview: e. But popular culture has its art collection, too. Harry Potter’s adventures are part of popular culture, as are those of Indiana Jones, a curious archaeologist who seeks to discover the secrets of past civilizations. Popular culture is ever-changing, and new fads keep coming and going at a rapid rate. It doesn’t take long for a new idea to become a worldwide idea, as information is widely distributed and transmitted over the Internet. 160 build word power in all subject areas Most often, new fads in popular culture don’t create entirely new words; they use existing, familiar words in a different way to describe what everyone’s doing or talking about. When an individual or only a few people do something, or wear something, no one really notices. But when more and more people follow that lead, the pattern becomes a fad, and as its use becomes even more widespread, we call it a trend. Thus, popular culture is formed by the popularization of various trends in every area of life. Here, you’ll find some words that describe curr...
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