In legal terms some laws demand severe punishment

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Unformatted text preview: letic contest comprising ten different trackand-field events and won by the contestant amassing the highest total score. (Note the spelling of this word; it is easy to add an extra, unwanted syllable to it and pronounce it de-cath-Alon, which is incorrect.) Customarily, men compete more frequently in decathlons than women do, but slowly, that’s beginning to change. 4. draft. Outside sports, this word can mean a preliminary drawing or document, such as the first draft of a book; it can also mean a path of air, such as in a chimney. In sports, a draft is the selection of new players by a professional team, from a group of amateur players. The student council drafted its treasurer to be in charge of purchasing decorations for the Halloween party. words from the sports arena 167 5. Ironman. A triathlon race held once a year in Hawaii that includes an ocean swim, a bike ride, and a marathon foot race. The event takes its name from a comic book character with great athletic endurance. Our quarterback is a regular ironman when it comes to getting that ball down the field. 6. kickoff. In football and soccer, a kick that puts a stationary ball in motion and begins a period of play. The candidate announced his campaign with a kickoff speech at the state convention. 7. kinetic. Something produced by motion. The kinetic energy of the young gymnasts at the Olympics was thrilling to watch. 8. marathon. A long-distance running event of 26 miles and 385 yard...
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