It is very pretentious to use big words when small

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Unformatted text preview: rson who is more interested in the welfare of others than in himself or herself. Even young altruists are able to find programs to benefit from their charitable work. 3. egotist. A person who is self-centered and thinks himself or herself better than others. Cinderella’s stepsisters were definitely egotists; they never considered the poor girl at all. 4. extrovert. An outgoing, gregarious person who enjoys the company of others. Mary Lou, secretary of the glee club and class president, is a fine example of an extrovert. 5. gourmet. A person who is very serious about the quality of food—sometimes called a foodie. My mother is an out-and-out gourmet; she loves to spend hours in the kitchen, and everything she makes is delicious. 6. introvert. A person who is shy. My parents think I’m an introvert because I like spending a lot of time reading by myself. 7. laconic. A person who uses as few words as possible to communicate ideas. My teenage brother has become dramatically laconic; he rarely speaks, and usually only grunts. 8. loner. A person who prefers to be alone, and avoids the company of others. We’ve never met our next door neighbor; we refer to him as The Loner of Lambert Lane. 9. loquacious. Describes a person who is very chatty and talkative. My friend Jennie is always in trouble at school because she’s so loquacious. 10. narcissist. A person who thinks only of himse...
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