It provides a way for you to communicate with friends

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Unformatted text preview: s the individual states. 3. A senator’s ___________ is the set of beliefs which determine how she will vote on proposals for new laws. 4. The animal rights group held a town _________ in order to plan the details of their latest campaign. 5. An effective leader is able to _________ his ideas with the support of his constituents. 6. The highways of our country are an important part of its ___________. 7. The single most important function of government is to ___________ on behalf of the people. 8. Every elected official must listen carefully to the desires of his or her ___________. 9. The set of rules or customs by which relations between countries are conducted is called the international ________________. 10. The system that decides which individuals in a group are ranked higher or lower is called a _________. Lesson 24 Words You Should Now Know caucus constituent facilitate federal hierarchy ideology infrastructure legislate mediate protocol 176 build word power in all subject areas Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Lesson _______________________________...
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