It was so cool when my aunt jane gave me a shout out

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Unformatted text preview: gun in 1995 by software engineer Craig Newmark, the business is now the single largest classified ad carrier in the world, servicing over 50 countries. I sold my old bike and bought a new, cooler one on Craigslist, and my parents were proud of my ability to handle both transactions all on my own; I only needed them to provide the money! 4. geocaching (pronounced GEE-oh-cashing). A treasure-hunt game in which players search for caches (or boxes), which usually contain logbooks where players record their names. Players place a cache somewhere, tell players worldwide via the Internet the location using latitude and longitude coordinates. Players then use a GPS device (global positioning system) to find the cache. The fun is in the finding; rarely are there any real treasures to be found. My parents are enthusiastic geocachers, and we go out hunting at least one weekend a month. words from popular culture 161 5. manga. The Japanese word for comic books, printed primarily in black and white; E...
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