Its probably the single most overused word its not a

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Unformatted text preview: My mom is not altogether in agreement that we should now get an ostrich. 3. complement. Something that is added in, that contributes. compliment. A remark that pleases or flatters someone. The new puppy complemented our collection of both old and young pets. The veterinarian complimented us on our amazing menagerie of pets. 4. continuous. Occurring without interruption. continual. Happening repeatedly, over and over again. The pets provide continuous joy to all of us; they are so sweet and loving. Trips to the vet are a continual problem; one of the animals always needs care. 5. everyone. A pronoun that describes a group; everybody in the group. every one. The specific individuals in a group. Everyone in the family shares in the care of the pets. Every one of us has a favorite pet. 6. maybe. Possibly, perhaps. may be. A verb phrase suggesting something might or might not be. Maybe we have too many pets, but is that even possible? It may be that once the kids go to college, our parents will want even more pets. confused and abused words 201 TIP: Awesome, cool, and totally are three of the...
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