Jasmine always keeps a vase of potpourri scented with

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Unformatted text preview: ll of ad hominem attacks instead of debates on the real issues. 3. camouflage (KAM-uh-flaahj). (from the French for to disguise) Disguising for protection from an enemy, such as dressing to blend into the surrounding environment. Clothes designed with a camouflage pattern have become popular with young people, whether or not they plan to serve in the military. 4. caveat emptor (KAH-vee-aht em(p)-tor). (from the Latin for let the buyer beware) The concept that not all sellers can be trusted, so buyers should carefully judge the quality of what they buy before they pay. Flea market bargain hunters should remember the saying caveat emptor every time they think they’ve bought something for much less than it’s really worth. 5. cocoa. (the Spanish name for the bean of the cacao tree) The powder ground from roasted cacao beans. Imagine our world without cocoa: if the Spanish hadn’t come to the New World, no one in Europe or Asia would ever have had the pleasure of a cup of cocoa. 6. faux pas (fo-PAH...
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