L e s s o n 28 confused and abused words first learn

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Unformatted text preview: nd is trying to cover her displeasure with a bit of humor. 4. Moe’s Used Cars was the newest business in town, and apparently it was extremely successful in these hard financial times. Calling used cars pre-owned is an attempt to make them sound more desirable, since used cars are generally thought to be of little value. 5. Every Tuesday night we put out our recycling bins for the garbage men to pick up on Wednesday mornings. Calling garbage men sanitation engineers is an attempt to make this difficult and distasteful job sound more respectable and somehow scientific and skilled. 6. The general explained that many civilian casualties resulted during the platoon’s efforts to defeat the enemy forces. Neutralizing the target is a dramatically deceptive and euphemistic way to describe the cold hard facts of war. Presumably it is an attempt by military spokespersons to protect the feelings of civilians. 7. Mary Lou was pregnant again, which pleased her son and her parents enormously. Strangely, the word pregnant continues to be considered slig...
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