Many people type their own name into a search engine

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Unformatted text preview: E C O M P U T E R F U N C T I O N S A N D AC T I V I T I E S 1. browser. A computer browser is a program on your computer that lets you view, download, and use sites on the Internet. A browser is also a person who explores, as in a library or on the Internet. I like the browser I’ve always used to surf the Internet, but my geeky brother wants to switch us to some new one he says downloads ten times faster. 2. copyright law. The law that grants to the author (or other owner of the copyright) the exclusive right to make copies or allow others to make copies of anything created or written, including literary, musical, artistic, audio, or video works. This law applies to almost everything you read on the Internet. For example, you may not copy a newspaper story or an encyclopedia article without getting permission from the author or owner of the article. The committee discovered that Bill broke the copyright law because he downloaded the story and then claimed that he had written it. 3. desktop publishing. The use of compute...
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