My brother prides himself on being a rst class

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Unformatted text preview: ent trends or phenomena (noteworthy events or facts) in popular culture. None of these were part of the popular culture 25 years ago, when your parents were your age—the elements of pop culture tend to come and go fairly quickly. As you read this list, write down other current pop culture ideas and trends you’ve noticed. WO R D S T H AT D E S C R I B E P O P C U LT U R E T R E N D S 1. anime. This is the Japanese word for animation and has become the word to describe all animation done in the Japanese style, used widely in comic books, video games, and commercials. The comic book store I go to carries a wide selection of anime, which is great because they have become my favorite books to collect. 2. BFF. An abbreviation commonly used in text messaging or instant-message chatting to describe a person’s best friend forever. Yesterday I went to the mall with my BFF, Shelly. 3. Craigslist. A network of local communities featuring (mostly) free classified ads in a variety of categories; be...
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