My mother is an out and out gourmet she loves to

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Unformatted text preview: der or listener will recognize. My brother is a real jock; he lives for sports. My best friend is a fashion guru; she always has the latest styles. My mom is a compulsive cleaner; our house is so organized! See how it works? Our minds automatically search for a category, or general description, that will best communicate our ideas about the person we’re talking about. This lesson gives you words to describe various personal characteristics or personality types. As you read, write down other words you think of that are associated with personality. Notice that some words are nouns and some are adjectives. Which words do you think your friends might use to describe you? 110 build word power in all subject areas WO R D S T H AT D E S C R I B E P E R S O N A L I T Y T Y P E S A N D T R A I T S 1. artistic. Describes a person who has creative skills or serious interest in the arts. Charles knew from an early age that his artistic interests would lead to a career as a painter. 2. altruist. A pe...
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