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Unformatted text preview: right there on the field with their team—playing hard, suffering possible defeat, basking in the glory of a game won in the final, exciting moments. Because both amateurs and professionals play the same games, fans identify with and cheer on their sports heroes, knowing only too well how much effort it takes to give your all repeatedly for the sake of the sport. Everyone likes the thrill of competing, even if it’s only against ourselves, trying to do better this time than last. Watching skilled professionals play, we may wonder how we’d do in their situation. We’d love to do what they do, but in most cases we know we can’t. Still, as we watch, we compare individual 166 build word power in all subject areas players to each other and compare their performances to what we know we are capable of doing. If they’re well-paid pros, we obviously expect them to do better than we would! One of the most interesting things about sports-related words is how many of them are applicable in other parts of our lives. Here, you’ll find many sports words...
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