Pay close attention to the sample sentences in which

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Unformatted text preview: htly taboo. In centuries past, in many middle- and upper-class circles, women went into seclusion and never appeared in public during pregnancy. words that really mean something else 197 8. During this summer’s heat wave we suddenly had no electricity in my apartment, and the whole city experienced a power outage. A power outage, also known as a blackout, is often referred to by power companies as a disruption in service to appease the possibility of panic. The term power outage gives little hint of when the power might return and in fact, it sounds as if the power will be out indefinitely. On the other hand, a disruption in service implies the power is only out temporarily— something has gotten in the way of its service, but that the disruption will be fixed soon. 9. According to his defense attorney, the accused robber’s statement in court was at least false in part. The defense attorney is trying to mask the fact that his client misrepresented at least part of the truth. Including the word true in the p...
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