Prexes help you determine the meaning of a word

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Unformatted text preview: of three parts: • Root. The main part of a word, to which prefixes and suffixes are added. • Prefix. The syllable(s) attached to the beginning of a word to alter or add to its meaning. • Suffix. The syllable(s) attached to the end of a word to alter or add to its meaning. In this lesson, we’ll concentrate on prefixes and suffixes, and leave word roots for a later lesson. You’ve been using prefixes and suffixes all your life, 44 tools for building word power probably without even noticing them, and you no doubt already know most of them. PREFIXES The word prefix itself uses a prefix (pre-), which means before. The prefix changes the meaning of the word root, which is fix. Here’s how: Fix: to place securely Prefix: a syllable placed at the beginning of a word. Knowing prefixes can help you figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word (do you see the prefix on the word unfamiliar?) in the following ways: • Prefixes help you know whether the word is positive or negative. ...
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