Read this list slowly and carefully to be sure you

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Unformatted text preview: about the introduction of a dog to the home. The second sentence provides only a small additional piece of evidence—the writer’s birth order in the family. The third sentence, however, gives you a lot of information. You learn the writer’s opinion about his brother as well as his tendency to love dogs: the dog is no longer just a dog, but is now a darling little puppy. Having an extensive vocabulary gives you the word power to apply the precise adjective(s) to convey the exact connotation you seek. Look at the following examples and note how the addition of more specific adjectives provides more interesting and exact meaning to simple phrases: • a good movie • a fun movie • an action-packed adventure movie • a hard vocabulary test • a difficult vocabulary test • a grueling vocabulary test • a hard teacher • a tough teacher • a demanding teacher In each group, the third sample provides the most information. The word grueling means difficult or exhausting. Use of the word is an obvious improvement over the a...
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