Recognizing them can often help you figure out the

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Unformatted text preview: hange a word’s part of speech. For example, the adjective equal becomes a noun, equality, when you add the suffix -ity. The verb depend becomes the adjective dependable when you add the suffix -able. The noun beauty becomes the verb beautify when you add the suffix -ify. Obviously, there are way too many suffixes, and they’re too complicated for you to memorize them all. But don’t be discouraged. Instead, just be aware of how they work, and look for them when you try to figure out a word’s meaning. S o m e C o m m o n S u f f i xe s i n Wo rd s Yo u P ro b a b l y A l re a d y K n ow -able, -ible: capable or worthy of. Think of remarkable and incredible. -an, -ian: one who is, characteristic of. Think of politician. -ish: having the character of. Think of childish and foolish. -ive: performing an action. Think of cooperative and defensive. -ate: to make or become. Think of irritate or frustrate. -ize: to cause to become. Think of colonize and humanize. TIP: Don’t be intimidated (scared or...
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