Remember there may be more than one synonym write the

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Unformatted text preview: were stumped and unable to think of an opposite word, you’ll need to pay particular attention to remembering the meanings of new words you learn. Be sure to practice carefully, using new words in conversation or written sentences. An Opposite Word 18 tools for building word power 2. Using Synonyms: Do You Know Another Word? Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. This question tests your ability to supply synonyms for sample words. In the blank next to each word, write a word with a similar meaning. Remember, there may be more than one synonym. Write the first one that comes to your mind. Time: one minute Test Word strange rude correct enormous rule How did you do? This question tested your ability to use synonyms, or words with similar (if not exactly identical) meanings. If this question was a breeze for you, you can be somewhat confident about your ability to find synonyms in your vocabulary inventory. This skill is important to reading comprehension as well as to writing. If you hesitated, or found it difficult to think of a syno...
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