Seeking to communicate a meaning that is actually the

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Unformatted text preview: him think and make him like and believe you. ALFRED. E. SMITH, JR. (1873–1944) NEW YORK GOVERNOR AND CANDIDATE FOR U.S. PRESIDENT In this lesson, you’ll learn some words that carry extra punch. They deliver a lot of meaning and power all by themselves. CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING the last lesson in the book! If you’ve read carefully, done the practice exercises, and remembered to use your new words in your everyday life, you’ve done a wonderful job of acquiring hundreds of new words. By now, you’ve also gained an appreciation of how powerful words can be. They help you communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions; they help you persuade, and they help you amuse. Words can also help you gain higher grades; compliments from teachers, parents, and friends; and an increased sense of confidence in your reading, writing, and speaking. In this last lesson, you will find a list of words that are particularly powerful. They’re noteworthy for their efficiency: they condense complicated thoughts into single words. Use these words when you w...
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