So pay close attention to the chart above and do the

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Unformatted text preview: be disinterested is to have no opinion either way to be uninterested is to be not interested to persecute is to punish in an extreme manner to prosecute is to take legal action against someone personal means belonging to an individual personnel means all the employees in a company affect/effect all ready/already all ways/always bibliography/biography breath/breathe dual/duel ensure/insure disinterested/uninterested persecute/prosecute personal/personnel which is the right word? 73 Confusing Word Groups precede/proceed stationary/stationery their/there/they’re Brief Definitions to precede is to go ahead of to proceed is to continue in the same direction stationary means unmoving, still stationery is paper for correspondence their describes something belonging to them there is a description of a place where something is they’re is a contraction of they are weather refers to the conditions in the climate whether is a conjunction that means or or perhaps who is the substitute word for he, she, or they (subject) whom is the substitute for him, her, or them (object) your describes something that belongs to you yo...
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